Production Process

Falcon Plates are produced utilizing the very latest production techniques. The process involves the use of coils of Lithographic Quality Aluminium which are then treated through a series of processes. Each step of the process is vital to the performance of product giving it the specific characterstice required for optimum pre press and pressroom performance.

Electro Chemical Graining

The graining process is essential in achieving the proper ink and water balance on the press. when of the press Falcon plates use less fountain solution, less ink and produce less wastage of paper.


The anodizing process is scientifically combined with graining to produce a very hard wearing surface with excellent damping properties.


The photosensitive coating process is undertaken in a clean environment to ensure that no airbone particles contaminate the surface. The application of the coating is carried out with uniform even layer. This coating layer is then precisely baked and cured which produces a very abrasion resestant surface as the end result.

Inspection, Cutting & Packaging

Cutting & Packaging - The final step in the process is the inspection of the material for any defects and then cutting to size, punching if required, then wrapping and packing. We take great care to ensure that all Falcon plates are of a consistently high quality and are packed according to our customers requirements.

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